Shri Shivaji Maratha Society’s

Samaj Bhushan Baburao alias
Appasaheb Jedhe Arts, Commerce & Science College


SCIENCE (B.Sc. Microbiology and M.Sc) FACULTY

The department of microbiology runs UG and PG in microbiology with the consistent efforts of the following staff.

1 Asst. Prof. Sakure S.S.(The Head, Department of Microbiology)
2 Mrs.Bhandwalkar M.S.
3 Mrs.Nande V.V.
4 Ms.Tamhane V.
5 Ms.Limbore A.
1 Ms. Deotale A.
2 Ms. Ghorpade P.
3 Mr. Jedhe R.
4 Mr.Malusare D

Meritorious students are encouraged to excel in academics and secure university ranks. Academically poor students are upgraded through remedial coaching. At the time of selection of subjects the parents are also advised and guided by the teachers. The students are also counseled for various kinds of career opportunities. If students have personal problems they are extended counseling by the teachers of the department. If needed they are sent to the counseling cell of the college. Students are counseled for various competitive examinations.

Students admitted in the college and at FY level mostly belong to educationally, socially and economically backward section of society in general and poor English language in particular. Many of them are learners from vernacular medium. The college admits the students on first come first serve basis in order to promote higher education among the masses.

The students in science department are from middle to lower socioeconomic class. Analysis of socioeconomic status of students are showed that students from open category, reserved category, economically backward class, other states.

Seminars / Conferences attended / Special achievements (Year 2014-15)

Annual Report – Science Department (Year– 2014-15)

Science Day (Year 2013-14)



  • Limbore Archana A (A. J. College)
  • Prashant Wadawal
  • Shweta Gaiwkwad
  • Swapnil More (Bisleri water plant)
  • Vinita Warang (Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital)
  • Priyanka Lad
  • Sadhana Atkare (V.S.I)
  • Dhanya Ok (V.S.I.)
  • Varsha Jadhav (Katraj Dhoodh Dairy)
  • Rameshwar Khedekar(Private lab.)
  • Nimbalkar Vaibhav(Private lab.)
  • Raje Pradyna (H. A Pune)


  • Science week
  • Micro-fest


  • State Level Seminar of Chemistry
  • Local Level Workshop in Microbiology

MICROBIOLOGY (M.Sc Microbiology) - Syllabus

Semester I

Theory Course – I MB - 501 Microbial Diversity and Taxonomy
Theory Course – II MB - 502 Quantitative Biology
Theory Course – III MB - 503 Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Practical Course – I MB - 511 Microbial Diversity and 5011 Microbial Diversity and Systematic
Practical Course – II MB-512 Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Semester II

Theory Course – I MB - 601 Instrumentation and Molecular Biophysics
Theory Course – II MB - 602 Evolution, Ecology and Environmental Microbiology
Theory Course – III MB - 603 Microbial Metabolism
Practical Course – I MB - 611 Ecology and Environmental Microbiology
Practical Course – II MB - 612 Enzymology and Microbial Metabolism

Semester III

Theory Course – I MB - 701 Immunology
Theory Course – II MB - 702 Molecular Biology I
Theory Course – III MB - 703 Virology
Practical Course – I MB - 711 Biotechnology and Scientific Communication
Practical Course – II MB - 712 Molecular Biology and Immunology

Semester IV

Theory Course – I MB - 801 Pharmaceutical and Medical Microbiology
Theory Course – II MB - 802 Molecular Biology II
Theory Course – III MB - 803 Microbial Biotechnology
Practical Course – I MB - 811 Research Methodology –I ( Dissertation )
Practical Course – II MB - 812 Research Methodology-II ( Dissertation )