Shri Shivaji Maratha Society’s

Samaj Bhushan Baburao alias
Appasaheb Jedhe Arts, Commerce & Science College


The college is proud of the faculty, comprising of qualified and experienced Lecturers, eminent practicing Chartered Accounts and Professionals from Pune. They bring to their teaching a rich background of experience and wide variety of expertise. Guest Lecturers are also called to share their knowledge with our students.

Grantable Teaching Staff List

No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. S. K. Pole M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D. Principal
2 Dr. Y. R. Thorat M.Com, M.Phil, DTL, Ph.D. Vice- Prinicipal
3 Mrs. V. H. Kachare M. A, M. Phill. Asso. Professor
4 Dr. S. A. Bosale M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D. Asso. Professor
5 Prof. A. E. Kadam M.A. Asso. Professor
6 Prof. C. V. Deokar M.Com, M. Phil Asso. Professor
7 Prof. S. D. Thorat M.A., B.Ed. Asso. Professor
8 Dr. G. M. Sonawane M.Com, M.Phil.Ph.D. Asso. Professor
9 Prof. A. A. Sawant M.A., B.Ed., SET Asso. Professor
10 Mr. S. D. Dhamale B. Sc., M.P. Ed., SET Director - Phy. Edu.
11 Dr. L. G. Retwade M.A., G.D.C & A, Ph. D Asst. Professor
12 Dr. S. R. Pacharane M.A., SET, NET, Ph.D Asst. Professor
13 Prof. P. V. Pardeshi M.A, M. Phil, SET Asso. Professor
14 Dr. D. R. Patil M.A, M. Phil, SET, Ph.D Asso. Professor
15 Prof. R. D. Arekar M.A., B.Ed., SET Asso. Professor
16 Prof. P. D. Gaikwad M.A., B.Ed Asso. Professor
17 Prof. D. Y. Ingle M.A., B.Ed., SET Asst. Professor
18 Dr. S. P. Gaikwad M.A., B.Ed., .Phil., Ph.D. Asst. Professor
19 CA. A. U. Mojad M.Com Asst. Professor
20 Dr. D. M. Chavan M.A.M.Phil., Ph.D. Asst. Professor
21 CA. K. D. Gargote M.Com, SET, CA. Asst. Professor
22 Prof. V. B. Dethe M.A., M.Phil.SET. Asst. Professor
23 Dr. N. G. Jagtap M.A. Ph.D. Asst. Professor
24 Prof. S. B. Dhame M.A. NET. Asst. Professor
25 Dr. V. P. Bhoskar M.A., SET. Ph.D. Asst. Professor
26 Prof. S. S. Sakore M.Sc., DMLT SET. Asst. Professor
27 Mr. R. T. Badadhe M.A., M.Lib. Librarian

Non - Teaching Staff

No. Name Designation
1 Mr. M. K. Satav Registrar
2 Mr. R. M. Shelke O. S.
3 Mr. G. S. Bhosale Hd. Clerk
4 Mr. S. N. Paygude Sr. Clerk
5 Mr. S. S. Yadav Jr. Clerk
6 Mr. D. D. Jadhav Jr. Clerk
7 Mrs. J. J. Memane Jr. Clerk
8 Ku. S. S. Pawar Jr. Clerk
9 Mr. M. S. Kamble Jr. Clerk
10 Mrs. T. D. Nimbalkar Jr. Steno
11 Mrs. S. G. Deshmukh Lib. Assistant
12 Mrs. M. Y. Pathak Jr. Clerk
13 Mr. S. V. Pawar Jr. Clerk
14 Mr. A. K. Dhamale Jr. Clerk
15 Mr. S. S. Shinde Jr. Clerk
16 Mr. S. M. Jawalkar Jr. Clerk
17 Mr. P. W. Pawar Lib. Attendant
18 Mr. R. S. Shinde Lib. Attendant
19 Mr. V. V. Karamankar Lib. Attendant
20 Mr. K. T. Konde Lib. Attendant
21 Mr. S. A. Devtale Lib. Attendant
22 Mr. D. P. Gholap Lib. Attendant
23 Mr. S. L. Korekar Lib. Attendant
24 Mr. P. S. Thorat Peon
25 Mr. D. K. Khatal Peon
26 Mr. G. R. Bahirat Peon
27 Mr. A. G. Shaikh Peon
28 Smt. Aparna. S. Andekar Peon