"बहुजन हिताय बहुजन सुखाय"
Shri Shivaji Maratha Society’s

Samaj Bhushan Baburao alias
Appasaheb Jedhe Arts, Commerce & Science College, Pune

Online Admission Link

(Only for F.Y. B.Com, F.Y. B.A., F.Y. B.Sc., F.Y. BBA - CA, F.Y. B.Sc. - Computer Science)

Eligibility Form (Compulsory) For Undergraduate Students

प्रथम वर्षात ऑनलाईन पद्धतीने प्रवेश घेऊ इच्छिणाऱ्या सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांनी प्रथम Eligibility form डाउनलोड करून स्व:हस्त अक्षरात भरून पुन्हा स्कॅन करून ठेवावा.

मेरिट लिस्ट - प्रथम वर्ष वाणिज्य वर्ग प्रवेशासाठीची गुणानुक्रम यादी (मेरिट लिस्ट) दिनांक 07/08/2020 रोजी वेबसाईट पहावयास मिळेल.

प्रथम वर्ष प्रवेश सूचना - श्री शिवाजी मराठा संस्था, पुणे 2 च्या श्री शिवाजी मराठा बॉईज हायस्कुल अँड जु. कॉलेज, जिजामाता गर्ल्स हायस्कुल अँड जु. कॉलेज आणि कै. सौ. ल. रा. शिंदे हायस्कुल आणि जु. कॉलेज शाखेतील 12 वी उत्तीर्ण व अहर्ता धारक विद्यार्थासाठी प्रथम वर्ष थेट ऑनलाईन प्रवेश अर्ज भरण्यासाठीची मुदत दिनांक 10/08/2020 पर्यंत वाढविण्यात आली आहे तरी वरील शाखेतील विद्यार्थ्यांनी आपला प्रवेश मुदतीत घ्यावा.

ऑनलाईन प्रवेशासंबंधी काही अडचणी असल्यास खालील प्राध्यापकांशी संपर्क साधावा

Dr. Ashok Mojad :

Dr. Shivaji Pacharane :

Dr. L. G. Retwade :

Dr. S. P. Gaikwad :

Prof. Dhamale Shantaram :

प्रथम वर्ष वाणिज्य वर्ग प्रवेशासाठीच्या दुसऱ्या गुणवत्ता यादीसाठी विद्यार्थ्यांनी आज दि. 06/08/2020 पासून 14/08/2020 पर्यंत Online पद्धतीने प्रवेश अर्ज भरावेत. (ज्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी या पूर्वी प्रवेश अर्ज भरले आहेत त्यांनी पुन्हा भरू नयेत.)

For Admission Enquiry

B.Sc. & M.Sc. (Microbiology)
Contact Person -
Dr. Sunita Sakure : +91-9325510030

B. Sc (Computer Science)
Contact Person -
Asst. Prof. Sarika Gadekar : +91-9764108696

B.B.A. (CA)
Contact Person -
Asst. Prof. Supriya Bhujbal : +91-9373855037


Facilities At College

Laboratory Practical Work

Lecture At Computer Laboratory


  • Gymkhana

    In order to maintain healthy atmosphere and to keep the students fit the College has made arrangements at various types of sports for boys and girls at University & National Level. Well equiped Gym available for weight training & also well developed cricket ground available for practice & competitions. We organize annual sport competitions.

  • Student's Aid Fund Scheme

    Under this scheme, the College renders to the students belonging to the lower income group, financial assistance for purchasing books, payment of examination fees, etc.

  • Earn While You Learn Scheme

    The College helps needy students to secure part-time jobs in their spare time by co-ordinating with the University and other employment agencies and organization.

  • Career Counselling

    Vocational Guidance and Career Counseling facilities are also available for desirous students.

Microbiology Lab (M. Sc & B. Sc)

B. Sc Lab with students performing Practicals

B. Sc Lab with students performing Practicals

Laboratory Instruments

M. Sc Microbiology Lab


The College encourages co-curricular activities so as to provide a platform to the students to develop their skills, talents and abilities.

Students can take active part in the following activities of the College under the guidance and supervision of the Professor-in-charge.

  • National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)
  • National Social Service Scheme (N.S.S.)
  • Commerce Association
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Drama Circle / Cultural Programmes
  • Wall Magazine
  • Elocution and Debating
  • Mock Interviews / Group Discussions
  • Sports Club
  • Community Work
  • Expert lectures for guidance on competitive examinations & career.
  • Film Making, acting course, Film camera work music training.


It has been observed that students have many personal problems causing stress and strain. The College has set up a Counseling Cell to help the students to cope with these problems. The students are requested to make use of this facility and their sharing will be kept confidential. Students or their parents can contact the Prof.-in-Charge in this regard.