Shri Shivaji Maratha Society’s

Samaj Bhushan Baburao alias
Appasaheb Jedhe Arts, Commerce & Science College


S.B.B. alias Appasheb Jedhe Art's Commerce & Science College, Pune

Fees for Courses in our College 2018-2019


As Per University Of Pune G.R.NO PGS/542 Dated 17-2-2011

Class Indian Student Passed From Maharashtra
Art's F.Y.B.A 3870
S.Y.B.A 3605
T.Y.B.A 3385
Commerce F.Y.B.Com 4110
S.Y.B.Com 3910
T.Y.B.Com 3880
Non-Aided Division's (E,F,G)
F.Y.B.Com 7665
S.Y.B.Com 7375
T.Y.B.Com 7255
M.Com Part-I 9280
Part-II 8030
Science (Microbiology) F.Y.B.Sc 16950
S.Y.B.Sc 16560
T.Y.B.Sc 16340
M.Sc (Microbiology) Part-I 37760
Part-II 36260
B.B.A.(CA) (Formerly known as BCA) F.Y.BCA 28225
S.Y.BCA 27615
T.Y.BCA 27615
B.Sc.(Comp.Sci.) F.Y.BCS 29025
S.Y.BCS 28635
T.Y.BCS 28415

Scholarship facility available for the above courses.
Please contact the College Office.

Aadhar Card:

Aadhar Card UID : As per the ambitious "Direct Cash Transfer" project by Central Government, Aadhar Card Number is compulsory for all the students seeking financial assistance from Govt. Without an UID No. a student is not entitled to get the benefits of Govt. scholarships, freeships, etc.

For Students taking admission in B.Sc- Computer Science and BBA – Computer Application

Scholarship/Freeship is Available only for candidates belonging to SC and ST Categories only. Scholarhip/Freeship is NOT Available for candidates belonging to OBC/NT/SBC, etc.

In case a student is not awarded the Freeship, he / she must pay entire the College fees.

Notice regarding this will be displayed on the notice board. Students are advised to look out for notices in this regard.


The candidate canceling his / her confirmed admission will be entitled to receive the fund of fees after deducting the amount as indicated below as stated by the state Govt. / University / Competent Authority

Sr. No. Time of Cancellation Amount to be deducted
1 From 1st day to 10 days from the date of securing admission 20% of the total fees
2 From 11th day to 30 days from the date of securing admission 40% of the total fees
3 After 30 days 100% of the total fees

Note : Students will have to pay any excess fees if increased by the University.